Removal Measures and Installation Notices of Roller Press Bearings

1) Put the roller and bearing seat flat and cushion firmly, still press the inner ring of the bearing with the hydraulic pump, and use five 100T hydraulic top bearing. After the hydraulic top force is applied, the liquid valve outlet of the liquid nitrogen bottle is cooled directly by connecting the steel hose to the bare roller axle of the bearing inner ring. When the temperature difference drops to about 18 C (the diameter of the shaft is 900mm, it is difficult to reach the ideal value in a short time), then the excavator crushing hammer (excavator model R215-7C) is used to align the center of the roll shaft, and the axial force is applied to vibrate for about 1 minute. Vibrate the 40mm iron plate of the front roll end pad and tighten it to prevent axle damage. Vibration plus the force of hydraulic jack, as well as the cooling contraction of liquid nitrogen on the shaft, the bearing loosened out.

2) When the bearing is refitted, the damaged part of the bearing stripped from the raceway is changed to the fixed roll after grinding and cleaning, and the damaged part is installed upward so that the damaged part of the roller press is basically not forced when it is in normal operation.

3) Before bearing back-loading, the position of roller bearing and inner ring of bearing should be cleaned, and there should be no oil to prevent adhesion; the locking bolt and moment wrench of inner ring of bearing must be tightened in place, and the tightening degree of bolt should be checked within 24 hours after installation and operation, so as to prevent bearing from running inside ring.


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