Nickel Rotary Kiln

Nickel Rotary Kiln
Jiangsu Pengfei Group has an annual manufacturing and processing base of 300,000 tons of machinery and equipment with 13 m diameter vertical car, 12 m diameter, 40 die hobbing processing capacity, annealing furnace 8*20 m, maximum lifting capacity 400 tons, meeting the manufacturing requirements of rotary kiln and ball mill below 10 m. Large-scale preheater, rotary kiln, tube mill, vertical mill, cooling machine and other main equipment are all self-developed and manufactured. They have assumed the dual roles of project general contract and main equipment supplier. They are leading cement machinery enterprises in China, top 20 building materials machinery enterprises in China, and contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Pengfei Rotary Kiln was awarded "China Famous Brand Products" and the trademark of Pengfei was recognized as a well-known trademark in China. China's nickel production technology has made significant breakthroughs, with independent intellectual property rights, laterite nickel ore to produce high-quality nickel and iron. The rotary kiln of laterite nickel ore has been successfully developed by Jiangsu Pengfei Group, and this technology has rapidly entered the field of production and application.

4.8X60m Nickel Rotary Klin
5.0x100m Nickel Rotary Klin
5.2X70m Nickel Rotary Klin

Large quantities of nickel pig iron have been produced from laterite nickel ore by smelting. This technology has rapidly entered the field of production and application. Successful cases include Guangdong Guangqing, Fujian Dingxin, Zhejiang Qingshan, Shandong Linyi, etc. On August 19, 2010, Wang Jiaan, chairman of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd., and Lin Xiamiao, chairman of Guangdong Guangqing Metal Science and Technology Co., Ltd., successfully cooperated in Fujian. Following the Fujian Ding Nickel Roasting and Reduction Project, four sets of new nickel Roasting and Reducing Rotary Kilns were signed, with a total contract of more than 70 million yuan. The Rotary Kiln was used to smelt laterite nickel ore to produce nickel pig iron.

Rotary kiln for nickel ore:

Serial number User name Device name Equipment specification Number entry name
1 Fujian Dingxin Industrial Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln φ4.4×100m 3 Nickel laterite roasting
2 Jiangsu Kangyang International Trade Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln φ4.4×100m 18 Nickel laterite roasting
(Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry Co., Ltd.) Dryer φ4.3×33.5m 18
3 Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln φ4.4×100m 4 Nickel laterite roasting
Dryer Φ5×40m 4
4 Guangxi Beihai Chengde Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln Φ5.2×118m 2 Nickel laterite roasting
5 Shandong Huixiang Trading Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln Φ4.85×75m 3 Nickel laterite roasting
Dryer φ4.3×34m 3
6 Guangdong Yangjiang Century Qingshan Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln φ4.6×100m 4 Nickel laterite roasting
Dryer Φ5×45m 4
7 Shandong Xinhai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln φ4×60m 2 Nickel laterite roasting
(Linyi Jinhai Hui Technology Co., Ltd.) Dryer φ4×40m 2
8 Tangshan Kaiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln φ4.8×90m 2 Nickel laterite roasting
Dryer Φ4.3×40m
9 Liaoning Shengyun Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln Φ4.85×75m 1 Nickel laterite roasting
Dryer Φ4.3×34m
10 Guangxi Jinyuan Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. Rotary kiln Φ4.8×110m 2 Nickel laterite roasting
Dryer φ4.8×42m


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