Slag Vertical Roller Mill

Slag Vertical Roller Mill
Granulated blast furnace slag (abbreviated as slag) is the industrial waste discharged from pig iron smelting by blast furnace. Because of its high physicochemical activity and potential hydraulicity, it is widely used as mixtures in cement industry in China. Slag micro-grinding system utilizes industrial waste from metallurgical industry, which can not only turn waste into treasure, increase the added value of slag, create considerable economic benefits for iron and steel enterprises, but also save a lot of non-renewable resources, which is in line with the policy of structural adjustment of iron and steel and cement industry.

Promoted by the vigorous development of circular economy, a new upsurge of waste-benefit is emerging. Slag powder will be widely used in high-performance and high-strength concrete. Slag powder can largely replace cement in concrete, significantly improve the work-ability of fresh concrete and durability of hardened concrete, and has a greater later strength. The concrete prepared with slag powder can be widely used in various construction projects, bring good economic benefits to concrete production enterprises, and play an immeasurable role in resource saving, comprehensive utilization and environmental protection.

Jiangsu Pengfei Group, after years of technical accumulation and combined with the user's on-site experience, continuously improves the production line of Pengfei brand slag vertical grinding superfine powder, which has reliable quality, energy saving, consumption reduction and obvious benefit, and has been unanimously recognized by the vast number of users, and has become a symbol product in the new technology field of slag superfine grinding. The equipment has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, large drying capacity, easy adjustment of product fineness, low noise, low power consumption, simple process flow, low wear and running cost.


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