Roller Press

Roller Press
Pengfei Roller Press is the latest generation of grinding equipment developed by Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. It greatly reduces the energy consumption and noise of the pre-grinding system. It is suitable for the construction of new mills and the technical transformation of old mills, so as to increase the output of the ball mill system by 30-70%.

After extrusion, 0.08mm fine material accounts for 20-35% and less than 20 mm for 65-85%. The internal structure of small particles is filled with many tiny cracks due to extrusion, and the grindability is greatly improved. The roll surface is welded by hot surfacing, so the maintenance of wear-resistant layer is more convenient. With very low energy consumption and operation cost, the output has been greatly increased. Roller press is recognized as the most advanced grinding equipment in the world for its remarkable advantages of energy saving (20-50%) and increasing production (30-70%). Jiangsu Pengfei Group, referring to the experience of foreign countries and the actual situation of our country, has developed and designed many kinds of roll press of different specifications by itself, and formed a series of roll press products, which can meet the matching needs of 50-1500t/h production line and reach the international advanced level. The market share of roll press is more than 30%, and good results have been achieved.

In the grinding system, Pengfei Roller Press adopts the roller press based on the material layer grinding technology and the matching separator which integrates dispersing, grading and drying. It can cooperate with the ball mill or form a self-contained system to form various technological processes, such as pre-grinding, mixed grinding, semi-final grinding and final grinding. Because of the change of grinding mechanism, "Pengfei" roller press and its system technology can reduce the power consumption and increase the output of grinding system; it is suitable for the new mill or the old mill to reform the grinding system, and change the current situation of the inadequate grinding capacity due to the adoption of new standards.

Main features of roller perss:

1. Roll surface technology (welding materials, equipment and welding technology) can effectively reduce the generation and diffusion of micro-cracks in welding process. It has the characteristics of high hardness (>HRC58) and high toughness of hardened layer.
2. The service life of roll surface is more than 8000 hours, and the daily maintenance is simple.
3. The use of aero-hydraulic technology makes the hydraulic system of roller press extremely reliable.
4. CLF series roll press hydraulic system and complete automatic control system can cooperate with each other to achieve: load control of main drive motor of roll press; gap deviation control and automatic correction of two rolls; fault self-diagnosis technology.
5. The matching VX or VXR flour separator has the characteristics of low operation cost and high operation rate.
6. The matching automatic control system adopts the principle of fuzzy control and integrates the matching components of world famous suppliers.

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