Cooling Equipment

Cooling equipment is a kind of heat exchange device. It uses air as a medium to cool the high-temperature clinker by going through them. At the same time, the heat of waste gas is recovered as secondary, tertiary air and dry air of kiln, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the kiln.

  • Single Cylinder Cooling Machine

    Single-barrel cooler is one of the important equipment in rotary kiln system. The clinker from rotary kiln (1000-1200 C) exchanges heat with air sufficiently through animal material in the rotary belt of the barrel, so that the material can be cooled to below (200 C). At the same time, the clinker quality and grindability can be improved. The air after cooling material is all put into the kiln as the secondary circulating air, which improves the thermal efficiency of the kiln.

  • The Demands Of Evaluating Cooling Equipment From Thermal And Technological Perspectives

    1. Recovering more calories;
    2. The cooling time of clinker should be short and the speed should be fast, especially at 1250 and 525 degrees.
    3. The temperature of clinker should be lower after cooling.
    4. Air consumption per unit mass of clinker should be less, usually 2-2.1Nm3/h. plate.
    5.Simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, and high operation efficiency.
  • Main Types of Cooling Equipment:

    1. Single-barrel cooling equipment (rotary cooling equipment): The cooling air of this kind of cooling equipment enters the kiln completely, Its thermal efficiency is relatively high and its structure is simple. There is no need for waste gas treatment equipment. However, as for this kind of cooling equipment, the cooling speed of clinker is slow, the temperature of the cooled clinker is high, and the secondary air intake is uneven.
    2. Multi-barrel cooling equipment: It consists of several cylinders around the kiln shell. So it does not need special power and dust collection equipment. But this will increase the load of the kiln barrel, and the cooling effect of clinker is not very good.
    3. Vertical-drum cooling equipment: all cooling air is put into the kiln, which has high thermal efficiency and no problem of waste gas treatment. But it is more susceptible to the influence of particles.
    4. Castor cooling equipment.

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