Vertical Roller Mill

The vertical mill is considered as the grinding equipment integrating fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying which widely applied into various solid materials such as cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and non-metal minerals. Grinding and ultrafine grinding.

  • Slag Vertical Roller Mill

    Granulated blast furnace slag (abbreviated as slag) is the industrial waste discharged from pig iron smelting by blast furnace. Because of its high physicochemical activity and potential hydraulicity, it is widely used as mixtures in cement industry in China. Slag micro-grinding system utilizes industrial waste from metallurgical industry, which can not only turn waste into treasure, increase the added value of slag, create considerable economic benefits for iron and steel enterprises, but also save a lot of non-renewable resources, which is in line with the policy of structural adjustment of iron and steel and cement industry.

  • Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    Vertical pulverizer is suitable for grinding bituminous coal and other materials with medium hardness. It is used in the positive pressure direct-blown pulverizing system for burning bituminous coal. It is used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. This machine not only has the characteristics of low unit power consumption, small area, simple pulverizing system, low noise and reliable operation, but also has the unique advantages of large pulverizing ratio, long service life of grinding parts, wide application range of materials, good applicability at high and low loads.

  • Operation Skills Of The Vertical Roller Mill

    1. Control of Material Layer Thickness
    The vertical roller mill is the grinding equipment of the grinding machine. The grinding effect depends on the grindability of the material, the applied tension force and the amount of material to withstand these extrusion forces. The adjusting range of tension force is limited. In the case of difficult grinding, the thickness of the material layer should be reduced appropriately and the proportion of qualified particle size should be increased. If the material is easy to grind, it can also produce a large number of qualified particles when the material layer is thicker. The material layer should be properly thickened to increase the output. The thickness of the material layer is generally controlled from 50 mm to 80 mm. In addition, the wear condition of the material baffle should be checked frequently, and the wear-resistant plate on the material baffle should be replaced to ensure that the size between the wear-resistant plate and the lining plate of the abrasive disc is 150 mm.

    2. Sprinkler control
    The main functions of vertical mill spraying water are to adjust the grinding temperature, stabilize the material layer and reduce the pressure difference inside the mill. The amount of water spraying in grinding and the reasonable spraying way can change the resistance of material movement on the grinding disc, affect the flow rate of material, control the grinding time of material, and affect the grinding effect.

    3. Control of Pressure Difference
    Pressure difference control is the key factor to improve product quality and output. Maintaining the stable pressure difference in the mill indicates that the dynamic balance between the amount of material in and out of the mill has been achieved, and the stable circulating load is the prerequisite for stabilizing the normal production of the mill.

    4. External circulation control
    External circulation material is usually grind-ed together with fresh material after grinding. It can adjust the particle size distribution of the grinding material and enhance the grinding effect.

    5. Vibration Control
    In normal operation of the vertical mill, the vibration value of the mill should be strictly controlled within a reasonable range, and no more than 0.9mm/s should be allowed in an instant.

    6. Air volume control
    The power consumption of products is closely related to mill output. The higher the output, the lower the unit power consumption. The lower the output, the higher the unit power consumption. According to the power consumption, the load among grinding machine, circulating fan and tail exhaust fan should be reasonably distributed, the opening and temperature of gate valves should be controlled, and the ventilation rate should be reasonably adjusted. In addition, according to the moisture and grind-ability of the material, the opening of each fan valve plate should be adjusted appropriately.

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