Dust Collector

Pengfei dust collector includes PPCS96 series air tank pulse bag dust filter, PPCS(A) 128 series air tank pulse bag dust filter, CDWY electric precipitator.
  • Dust Collector at Rotary Kiln Tail Air Leakage Hazard and Preventive Measures

    The hazard of Air Leakage of Dust Collector at rotary kiln Tail

    1. Influencing the stability of kiln system
    2. Equipment Leakage
    3. Increasing Operating Resistance
    4. Condensation inside equipment
    5. Equipment Corrosion

    Preventive measures of the rotary kiln

    1. Optimum Design and Installation
    The improper installation on site can easily cause the dislocation of the equipment, local deformation and uneven welding seam, which will lead to local cracking and air leakage of the equipment. In the design, besides the sufficient strength and stiffness of the equipment body, the installation procedure should be optimized to minimize the accumulated installation error and improve the installation quality.

    2. Strengthen the sealing of dust removal system
    Strengthen the sealing of manhole door: The design of manhole door cover should meet the requirements of strength and stiffness. When making, the door frame and door cover should be flat. When assembling, the door should be sealed by sealing strip and pressed by pressing block.
    Strengthen the sealing of the back-blower valve: The dust cleaning energy of the back-blower bag dust collector comes from the back-blower. In order to protect its motor and avoid frequent opening, in order to improve the operation efficiency, it is suggested to use the sealing ring to seal the back-blower valve.
    Strengthen the sealing of dust removal system: To prevent air leakage, we must also strengthen the sealing of rigid impeller dis-charger, import and export valves, conveying equipment, pipelines, inspection doors and other equipment to reduce and eliminate air leakage. For example: to improve the processing accuracy, all joints of shell and pipeline must be welded continuously, and no air leakage or de-welding should occur; sealing pads should be encrypted at the joints of valves, ash-unloading and ash-returning equipment, and fasteners should be used to connect firmly without air leakage.

    3. Reasonable Selection of Pulse Injection Pressure
    The energy of dust removal of pulse jet bag filter comes from compressed air, and the compressed air injected is positive pressure gas. In order to protect the filter bag and efficient operation, the gas pressure should not be too high. The injection of compressed air at the moment of dust removal can also be regarded as the air leakage of the equipment. The higher the injection pressure, the higher the resistance of the equipment. It is suggested that the pulse should be selected reasonably according to the working conditions. The recommended injection pressure ranges from 0.20 MPa to 0.25 MPa.

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