Magnesia Rotary Kiln

Magnesia Rotary Kiln
Domestic demand and import and export of aluminum alloys and rare earth silicon magnesium alloys in China have increased rapidly, and the consumption of magnesium has also increased dramatically, reaching 50,000 tons in 2010. In order to make full use of dolomite resources in various regions and improve industrial structure, Jiangsu Pengfei Group has developed and manufactured magnesium rotary kiln.


Process plan: Magnesium smelter chooses silicothermic process for magnesium smelting. The process is simple, less investment, short construction period, no pollution, and suitable for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Under normal conditions, crude magnesium production per 100 kg pellet is stable at 12-15 kg, and the refining recovery rate is over 92%. The analysis of technical and economic indicators of manufacturers using different fuels shows that there is no significant difference between coal-fired and gas-fired reduction furnaces in the service life of reduction tanks. Under the same conditions of crude magnesium per tank (calculated according to 12 kg crude magnesium/tank), the cost of heat energy and gas is 2277 yuan/ton higher than that of coal-fired ones. In terms of construction investment, the capital investment of gas stations accounts for about 30% of the total investment, and the rotary kiln is put into operation. Capital accounts for about 20% of the total investment of magnesium plants.


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