About Pengfei Group

Pengfei Group, the global export base of kiln and energy-saving grinding equipment, is a model enterprise of "the Belt and Road Initiative" strategy and "global cooperation on production capacity". The company has the overall contracting capacity for equipment research and development, equipment installation, project commissioning, technical services and other projects. It has established the national technology center, post-doctoral workstation and other innovative R&D platforms, and is devoted to the R&D of new technologies such as saving and storage of energy, and comprehensive utilization of resources. Its core technologies and production capacity represent the industry-leading level. So far, it has achieved 52 national projects which include National Industrial Revitalization, National Torch Program, National Key New Products, the First Set of Major Equipment and Independent Innovation Products. It also has 25 valid invention patents and 4 PCT patents and has participated in the drafting of 7 national standards such as rotary kiln for cement industry, pipe mill for cement industry, and 18 industry standards such as the cooling machine for cement industry. In addition, it won the national manufacturing industry individual championed demonstration enterprise and the national building materials industry advanced collective. Meanwhile, the trademark “Pengfei” was recognized as China's well-known trademark and the brand “pengfei” rotary kiln was rated as China's famous brand product.