Coal Vertical Roller Mill

Coal Vertical Roller Mill
Vertical pulverizer is suitable for grinding bituminous coal and other materials with medium hardness. It is used in the positive pressure direct-blown pulverizing system for burning bituminous coal. It is used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. This machine not only has the characteristics of low unit power consumption, small area, simple pulverizing system, low noise and reliable operation, but also has the unique advantages of large pulverizing ratio, long service life of grinding parts, wide application range of materials, good applicability at high and low loads.

The three rollers of the coal mill are driven by a rotating mill disc for grinding operation. After the feed material falls on the grinding disc through the central drop tube, the centrifugal force generated by the rotating grinding disc transfers it to the grinding roller for grinding. The grinding pressure is generated by a spring or a hydraulic pressure device. Through a statically determined three-point system, the grinding force is evenly transmitted to the three grinding rollers and to the foundation through the pressure system. The drying and transportation of pulverized coal are carried out by hot air. Hot air distributes evenly around the grinding disc through the nozzle ring, dries the grinded material and transfers it to the separator on the upper part of the grinder. The coarse and fine powder of the material is separated here, the fine powder is discharged from the mill, and the coarse powder is returned to the mill for grinding. Some non-breakable materials in the material can be discharged through the ballast discharge port at the lower part of the mill. The coal mill is mainly composed of basic part, reducer, lower frame, intermediate frame, grinding disc, grinding roll, pressure device, separator, positive pressure air sealing device, steam blowing device and other components. It is also equipped with auxiliary equipment such as main motor, lubricating oil station, hydraulic station and sealing fan. It also has slow speed transmission device, installation and maintenance special tools, escalator platform, pulverized coal distributor and quick break. Valves and other supporting equipment for users to choose. The pulverizer adopts hydraulic pressure system, which can adjust the grinding pressure in operation and has better iron-passing protection performance. On the basis of the original standard type, the roll turning-over device is added, and the explosion resistance of the grinding body is improved.

Technical parameters of Vertical Pulverizer

Unit Specification of Technical Parameters HRM1300M HRM1400M HRM1500M HRM1700M HRM1900M
Medium (straight) diameter of grinding disc mm Φ1300 Φ1400 Φ1500 Φ1700 Φ1900
yield T/H 10月15日 12月17日 16-22 20-28 26-35
Particle size of grinding material MM 0-40 0-40 0-45 0-50 0-55
Moisture of grinding material % <15 <15 <15 <15 <15
Fineness % 8月12日 8月12日 8月12日 8月12日 8月12日
Product moisture % <1 <1 <1 <1 <1
Main motor power KW 200 200 280 315 400
Inlet air temperature <450 <450 <450 <450 <450
Grinding air temperature 80-95 80-95 80-95 80-95 80-95
Grinding air volume M3/H ~40000 ~45000 65000 80000 100000
Equipment weight T 45 52 75 96 100


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