Cement Rotary Kiln

Cement Rotary Kiln
Pengfei rotary kiln (Rotary kiln, titanium dioxide kiln, sintering furnace, industrial kiln, kiln, oxidizing pellet) has specifications of 3.2*52m, 3.5*54m, 4.0*60m, 4.3*64m, 4.8*74m, 5.0*78m. Pengfei rotary kiln is the main equipment for calcining cement clinker. It has been widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries. The equipment consists of a cylinder body, supporting device, supporting device with gear wheel, transmission device, movable kiln head, sealing device at kiln end and combustion device. The rotary kiln has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and easy control of the production process. Rotary kiln calcination system equipment produced by Pengfei has been innovated through technology. In this system, the most advanced domestic and foreign hydraulic wheel-blocking device, measuring plunger pump with high accuracy, high precision speed regulating valve and contact graphite block sealing device are adopted. In order to improve the degree of automation, the kiln head uses industrial TV to watch the fire, the technological process simulates the fluorescent screen, and the calcination belt uses an infrared scanner to directly reflect the calcination of the belt on the computer. These new technologies have a strong visual sense, convenient operation, and reliable use. The thermal system has been stabilized and the operation rate of the equipment has been improved. Compared with the equipment of the same specification, the operation rate has been increased by 10%, the output has been increased by 5%-10%, and heat consumption has been reduced by 15%.

4.0X60m Cement Rotary Kiln working site
4.2x60m Cement Rotary Kiln
4.3x64m Cement Rotary Kiln

In addition to calcining cement clinker, the rotary kiln is also used to calcine clay, limestone and slag drying. In refractory production, the rotary kiln is used to calcine raw materials to make its size stable, strength increase and reprocessing. In nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, and files are sintered and roasted in the rotary kiln. For example, aluminum hydroxide is roasted into alumina in aluminum production; pellets are produced for blast furnace iron-making with aluminum hydroxide in iron-making; iron ore is directly reduced by SL/RN method and Krupp method abroad; tin and lead are extracted by chlorination volatilization roasting method. In the process of mineral processing, the lean iron ore is magnetized by the rotary kiln, so that the original weak magnetism of the ore is changed to strong magnetism, so as to facilitate magnetic separation. In the chemical industry, soda is produced in a rotary kiln, phosphorus fertilizer and barium sulfide are calcined. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, less electricity consumption and utilization of medium and low-grade phosphate rock, and has been widely promoted.

In addition, in terms of environmental protection, cement kiln is used to incinerate hazardous wastes and garbage to achieve harmless waste discharge, and waste is used as fuel to save pulverized coal and achieve resource utilization of waste.

Cement Rotary Kiln Technical parameters:

Specification (m) φ2.8/2.5×44 φ3×48 φ3.2×50 φ3.3×50 φ3.5×54 φ4×60 φ4.3×64 φ4.8×74 φ5.0×74 φ5.6×87 φ6.0×95
Production capacity (ton/day) 300 600-700 1000 1200 1500-1800 2500 3500 5000 6000 8000 10000
The inclination of kiln body(%) 3.5 3.5 3.5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Number of supports 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Wheel type Mechanics Mechanics or Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure
Kiln speed Main Drive (Rotation/minute) 0.445-2.22 0.676-3.38 0.36-3.57 0.36-3.57 0.39-3.9 0.41-4.07 0.4-4.0 0.35-4 0.35-4 Max4.23 Max5
Auxiliary Drive (Rotation/minute) 4.75 9.36 6.5 5.61 7.66 8.2 7.93 8.52 7.58 8.7 9.2
main drive model ZSN4-225-21 Z2-101 ZSN4-280-191B ZSN4-280-191B ZSN4-315-092 ZSN4-355-092 ZSN4-355-12 ZSN4-450-092Lp44 ZSN4-450-092 ZSN4-450-12 ZSN4-500-092
motor Rated power (kW) 55 100 160 160 220 315 400 630 710 800 950×2
Speed range (rotation/minute) ~1000 ~1500 1500 1500 1000 1000 100-1000 1500 87.5~1000 100~1000 100~1000
Rated voltage (volt) 440 220 440 440 440 440 440 660 600 600 600
retarder model ZS145-1-1 ZS145-1-1 ZSY-450-40-V ZSY450-40 NZS995-28VIBL YNS1110-22.4VBR YNS1400-3105VIBL JH710C-SW305-40 JH280C-45 JH900C-SW305-25 JH900C-SW305-28
Total speed ratio 49-63 50 40 40 28 22.4 31.5 42.226 28 23.901 26.646
Auxiliary drive motor model Y122M-4 Y160M-6 Y160M-4B Y160M-4 Y200L1-6 Y180L-4 Y200L-4 Y225M-4 lp44 Y250M-4 Y280M-4 Y315M1-4
Rated power (kW) 4 7.5 15 11 18.5 22 30 55 55 90 132
Rated Speed (Rotation/minute) 1440 970 1460 1460 970 1470 1470 1480 1480 1480 1490
Rated voltage (volt) 380 380 380 380 380 380 380 380 380 380 380
retarder model ZL35-16 ZL35-7-1 ZSY160-31.5-‖ ZSY355-31.5 ZSY355 YNS440-45‖R YNS497-45ZC JH220C-SW302-28 JH280C-45 ZSY400-35.5-︱ ZSY450-35.5-︱
Total speed ratio 40.44 14 31.5 31.5 45 45 45 28 45 35.795 35.795
Total weight (excluding refractory bricks) (tons) 177 213 280.6 317 341 434 562 854 885 1201 1580


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