Analysis of Roller Bearing Wear

Among the fault of roller press, roller bearing wear is one of the most common problems and the most difficult problem of the enterprise because a single roller often weights between 30-50T, making dismounting process and transportation difficult, time-consuming and having long repair cycle.

(1)The roller end baffle plate erosion: the surface of block plate will perforate and break after longtime dust erosion, which will lead to a large amount of dust into the bearing end cover seal and accelerate the wear of end cover seal. With the increase in the amount of dust, it will finally result in friction between the internal bearing cover more than the preload between the inner ring and the bearing mating surfaces, leading to bearing inner ring to rotate, wearing of bearing and damage of bearing in a short period of time ;

(2)Seal failure: once dust or other foreign matter enters into where between the sealing ring and the binding surfaces, sealing ring and sealing ring will wear bidirectionally; sealing clearance will increase; seal will fail and a large number of powder production will swarm into bearing;

(3)Lubrication failure: if lubrication oil can’t be filling in time or lubricating oil system block, bearing lubrication will fail; the bearing temperature will rise continuously; finally there will be ablation;

(4)The long-term pressure plate fastening: the cooperation between roller bearing inner ring and the bearing generally use taper surface fitting method. In the operation of the equipment vibration process, the taper is easy to loose and preload force reduce;

(5)The long-term operation of bearings, not replacing timely: the running clearance will continue to increase, when the clearance increases to a certain extent, the equipment vibration will increase;

(6)Overload production;

(7)Metal fatigue wear;

(8) Design problem: for roller press, we get in touch with, most of the wear of the bearing is 1:12 cone, while a small part of the taper shaft 1:30. Bearing and bearing cone bearing surface with 1:12, prone to loose.


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