1,000,000Tons/Year Cement Grinding Plant

1,000,000Tons/Year Cement Grinding Plant

Description of 1,000,000Tons/Year Cement Grinding Plant:
In this cement grinding mill with an annual output of 1,000,000 tons, the clinker and slag are separately ground, and the PFG120-50 mill and Φ3.2m×13m cement mill are used to grind the clinker, and Φ3.2m×13m grinding machine and high-efficiency powder separation are used for slag grinding.

Equipment and process of 1,000,000Tons/Year Cement Grinding Plant:
The factory is characterized by high quality, high productivity and low consumption.

Process design of of 1,000,000Tons/Year Cement Grinding Plant:

1. Design of clinker grinding production line
The gypsum, clinker and limestone are first mixed together in a specific ratio to remove the magnetic metal. It is then sent to a stable weighing warehouse. The mixed material is then fed to a rolling mill for pulverization. After comminution, they are placed in a powder separator. The separated coarse powder will be sent back to the mill and the fine powder used for finished product storage. At the same time, the dust gas generated in this process will be purified by environmental protection equipment and discharged into the atmosphere.

2. Design of slag grinding production line
Asbestos, dry slag and pulverized coal are mixed together according to a specific ratio. The iron removal agent is used to remove the magnetic metal from these materials. The mixed material is then sent to a mill for grinding. After grinding, the fine powder is sent to a high-efficiency powder separator, and the coarse powder is sent back to the mill. The air tank pulse bag filter collects the finished cement and the fine powder is delivered to the finished product storage. Finally, the dust-containing gas is purified by an air tank pulse bag filter and then discharged to the atmosphere.

3. Mixed design of fine slag and powder clinker
In the grinding line, attention should be paid not only to the fineness of the powder clinker and fine slag, but also to accurate measurement and uniform mixing. Therefore, we chose a screw measuring instrument as a measuring device and a pneumatic slide as a mixing device and a conveying device.

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